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Is wrought iron and cast iron the same thing? 
Mild steel is referred to as wrought iron in today’s vernacular. Steel is iron that has a small amount of carbon added to it for strength. We use steel in raw form delivered in bars, and heated to temperatures ranging between 2200- 2500 degrees Fahrenheit and forged into whatever shape is needed or desired. Cast iron is iron that has been heated to 2900 degrees Fahrenheit then poured into a mold and cooled.
Can wrought iron or steel rust? 
If used outdoors, yes it will rust even if it is lightly coated with oil.  Our products will not rust if left indoors and properly maintained.
How can I keep outdoor products from rusting?
Powder coating and paint are options. We recommend that all outdoor wrought iron items be galvanized to prevent rusting. We can galvanize any wrought iron piece that we have created for you.
I’m concerned about the chemicals used for treatment. Are the items you make safe to be used around children?
If any chemicals are used in a finishing process, they are completely rinsed off and then the piece is sealed prior to leaving. Yes, all our pieces are safe for use around children.
What is the turnaround time for a custom piece?
It varies from the scope of work to the current workload. Whatever deadline is stated in your contract after the design phase, will be honored unless there is a revision on your project from yourself, the architect or designer. To keep the project on schedule, all revisions or changes need to be discussed then signed off and sent back to us as soon as possible.
When can you start my custom piece? 
We work with clients on a first come first served basis. Our contracts are honored in the order in which they are received and all clients will be made aware of a timeline that we try honor as closely as possible.
How will I know how much my custom piece is going to cost? 
Each project price varies and is determined by the level of craftsmanship, labor, time, and materials involved. When we know your budget, we can design your project with that amount in mind.  With many different materials, connections, textures and embellishments it would be hard for us to envision the project without a price point from the client.